Single tickets for the concerts will be on sale as of the 14th of September:
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BBK multi-service cash dispensers
Palacio Euskalduna ticket offices
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Guide for your first time at the BOS

If you’re thinking about coming to one of our concerts and you´re wondering when to applaud, what time to arrive.
We are providing you here with a series of points that you should bear in mind.

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PRICE OF TICKETS for the 2016-2017 Symphonic Season

Normal price

  • Area A+ 30,80 €
  • Area A 27,70 €
  • Area B 19,30 €
  • Area B (side) 17,40 €
  • Area C 14,60 €
  • Area C (side) 13,15 €

Gaztea price

  • Area A+ 9,10 €
  • Area A 9,10 €
  • Area B 6,70 €
  • Area B (side) 6,00 €
  • Area C 4,90 €
  • Area C (side) 4,40 €

BBK Joven price

  • Area A+ 3,70 €
  • Area A 3,70 €
  • Area B 2,50 €
  • Area B (side) 2,25 €
  • Area C 2,50 €
  • Area C (side) 2,25 €

Last-minute tickets

  • Area A+ 15,40 €
  • Area A 13,85 €
  • Area B 9,65 €
  • Area B (side) 8,70 €
  • Area C 7,30 €
  • Area C (side) 6,55 €


  • Area A+
  • Area A 133 €
  • Area B 92,50 €
  • Area B (side)
  • Area C 70 €
  • Area C (side)

PRECIO DE LAS LOCALIDADES de la Temporada de Cámara 2016-2017

Precio normal


  • Season-ticket holders (Symphonic Season)10 €
  • Non-season ticket holders (Symphonic Season) 10 €


  • Season-ticket holders (Symphonic Season)41,50 €
  • Non-season ticket holders (Symphonic Season)70,00 €

Including VAT.

Precio Gaztea


  • Abonados Temporada Sinfónica5 €
  • Non-season ticket holders (Symphonic Season)5 €


  • Season-ticket holders (Symphonic Season)17,10 €
  • Non-season ticket holders (Symphonic Season)35,00 €

IVA incluido.

Last-minute Tickets

One of the advantages that we offer our season-ticket holders is the opportunity, if they provide sufficient notice, to be able to change the day that they attend a season concert. This means that in each programme we have a certain number of seats on Thursdays that have not been taken because their season-ticket holders have changed to Friday and vice-versa.

After the enormous success that this kind of ticket has had, this Season we are continuing to offer the chance to buy tickets at the box office, on concert days, between 18:30 and 19:25 at 50% of their real price. Anyone wishing to attend the concert may buy them.

The conditions for taking up this offer are:

  • No other discount can be applied to these tickets.
  • You can only choose pour area, not your seat.
  • You may enquire about the availability of two seats together.

Special prices for the unemployed and large families

There is a special price for these groups for single Area C tickets: a 50% discount will be applied to their official price.

Group discounts

We offer two kinds of group discounts: groups of between 7 and 14 people will be entitled to a 20% discount and groups of 15 or more people will be entitled to a 25% discount.


This system for purchasing tickets in advance is becoming increasingly popular among the options that the BOS offers the people attending its concerts. In the 2016-2017 Season, it features a 20% discount on official ticket prices, and enables classical music lovers to choose which concerts they wish to attend during the season as they go along. It is also a way for small groups to obtain some attractive discounts.
For the forthcoming Season, the CrediBOS will contain 6 tickets which can be used for one or more concerts.